November 11, 2010
Studio Visit interview with Obi Kaufmann of Swee[t]Art

July 28, 2010
Eastbay Express
The Compound's Workers' Paradise

April 28, 2010
Microcosmos at the Compound Gallery
DeWitt Cheng
Entire article available East Bay Express

Goss explores the ideas of shelter and protection available through the contraries of solitude and sociability...Her shell-like, gourd-like forms, transfixed and protected by spikes, filaments, stalks, and flagelli, "purposefully" inhabit their environments. Some resemble the embryonic blastulas and gastrulas, hinting at growth and mutation; others ("Continental") seem to have succumbed to invasion; still others ("Mothership," "Survey: Topographical Study") "live" in dialogue with other members of the same rudimentary, preconscious, instinctive species.

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